Yano SumampowPhotographer in Bali

Yano Sumampow is one of Bali’s most respected in commercial photography, serving the industry since 2005. From simple documentation to sophisticated photography layouts and massive events.
Having produced years of professional shooting has brought Yano Sumampow to establish a significant bond and mutual relation with respective media of the industry, which benefit our clients for extended exposure.

His passion in photography started at his young age of 10, when his father gave him a candy bar camera, Kodak Ektra 100 with 110 film. He started to photograph anything, especially building. His elementary school located behind a Cathedral in Bandung, that’s why he always impresses with architecture and building. His ambition as an architect halted when he failed the entrance exam in architectural study, but his passion in art still intact.

 Trying to expand his ability in photography, he was joined Journalism Study in University of Padjadjaran, then he  joined , majoring in multimedia and graphic designIn 2002, he started to learn photography seriously by joining several master photographers in Jakarta as an apprentice to learn studio lighting, angle, timing, business and also  (the most important thing in photography business). He started his photography career as a freelancer and contributor several lifestyle magazines. They sent him all over the world, Milan, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, to cover several lifestyle and fashion event. Now, he is living in Bali with his family and started a small personal company in Photography and Design called why imaging

Bali Fashion Photographer
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